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About Us

Blackboard’s Online Training Center offers a variety of online courses to empower instructors and system administrators. Teachers learn how to create engaging courses that support student success. While administrators explore sitewide settings and configurations to ensure a smooth user experience. Looking for live training? Check out some of these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact training@blackboard.com for general questions regarding this site, about registering, or accessing online courses for which you are already registered.

Contact trainingservices@blackboard.com for specific questions regarding K12 Web Content Management webinars.

We accept credit cards or POs. If using a PO, contact training@blackboard.com or your Blackboard Account Representative for assistance in processing the PO before registering.

For information about payment options or how to access your courses visit our FAQs.

If you have an account to access TPD (Training Program Development), use the same username/password to register on this site.